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    Chemical market intelligence experts since 1971


Through our established global industry contacts, we at Colin A. Houston & Associates, Inc. carry out chemical market research and develop extensive databases to identify significant trends and developments. We compare government and industry statistics with the results of countless personal and telephone interviews with key industry professionals to produce comprehensive studies. The marketing research studies are designed to give clients the in-depth knowledge they are looking for with regard to potential markets supply and demand, growth rates, market share, new technology, major research efforts, environmental issues, and profiles of market participants.

Colin A. Houston & Associates, Inc. was founded in 1971 to provide consulting services to the chemical industry worldwide. The primary area of expertise is surfactants: raw materials, intermediates, major surfactants, and the surfactant consuming industries. Other areas of activity include: a variety of industry studies on such topics as oilfield chemicals, detergent builders, ingredients for personal care products, and bleaching agents; engineering studies such as a worldwide study of glycerine evaporation plants with recommendations for improved efficiency; a world study of the state of the art in spray-drying detergents; contracts with the U.S. Government to develop industry effluent guidelines; and business strategy and acquisition studies. The reputation thus earned by CAHA for comprehensive, high quality technoeconomic and market analyses has led to a variety of engineering, marketing, and strategic planning studies for individual clients in North America, Latin America, West Europe, Asia/Pacific, Africa and the Middle East.



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