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Proposed Publication Date: Q3-2017

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Mild Performance Surfactant Forecast to 2030

The objective is to analyze the positioning and competition between a set of similar surfactants that are candidates today for inclusion in mild and sustainable formulations. The use of these materials is not limited to consumer products and their roles in industrial applications are described as they contribute to the economic viability of these products. Mild Performance Surfactants are attractive to producers to complement their product line offerings and achieve higher returns where possible. The report will analyze the leading candidate materials that are competing in the formulator toolkit today. Some are more viable than others from a cost or availability standpoint and insights in the report will give customers tools to better respond to marketing challenges.

Surfactants to be Covered

  • Ether Carboxylates
  • Amino Acid Derivatives
  • Isethionates
  • Sarcosinates
  • Sulfosuccinates
  • Taurates
  • Alkyl Glucamine Derivatives
  • Alkylpolyglucosides
  • Amine Oxide
  • Amphoacetates and Amphoproprionates
  • Betaines
  • Sultaines


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